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FileZilla Server 0.9.59

FileZilla Server Review:

 Hosting and sharing files on the internet became a trend with FileZilla Server, because it allowed users to create servers on their local computers and share resources using  the File transfer Protocol or FTP. This is a free program that can also be used to download or upload files to any server or host. This program offers a user interface that facilitates the usage of FTP sites for using as a file sharing service.


 - It allows you to transfer multiple files simultaneously.
 - You can transfer files, navigate among various directories and sub-directories on your system, browse the web and websites and share resources from the hard disk.
 - It uses OpenSSL connection to make your connections safe and secure using an extra security protection. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer that performs a key-matching connection to relay safe communication channels. 


 FileZilla Server provides increased support for TLS ciphers using DHE and ECDHE. These enable more effective forward security while establishing connections. There is an inclusion in the settings to increase the minimum version of TLS being used. You can change it to a newer version to increase or decrease the level of security and authentication. It must be noted that increasing the security shall lead to visible latency in the upload and download speeds and sometimes this might not be desirable. 
 - There are additional resources on their wiki pages to help users understand the settings and also help developers improve upon various aspects and contribute to the overall development of the package.


 Their latest offering is 0.9.53 and is made available only for Windows. It is compatible with all versions of Windows starting from NT till the very current release of Windows 8.1. This is completely free to distribute, improve by developers and researchers. The latest offering also covers many security vulnerabilities that were present in the previous versions. 
 - It has also updated the SSL protection to new standards 1.0.2b and improved upon the overall user interface too. 
 - The file size is just 2.02 MB and it is very light weight in the CPU. The memory usage is not that much, which is a added advantage when using large bandwidth for sharing the files.

 FileZilla Server is really a usable package since there are many sites that share data and files using FTP connections. FTP connections can be initiated using command line, however, FileZIlla eases many more things for average computer users.

Changes on the new version:
- Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2i due to several security vulnerabilities in OpenSSL
- Fixed getting list of connected users when connecting with the admin interface
- Fixed crash if the administration connection is closed while an administrative command is being processed

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